tox-away-warningThe District offers multiple Tox-Away Days each spring, summer, and fall. The events allow Hendricks County residents to dispose of their HHW free of charge. Fees apply for the recycling of televisions, appliances, and tires (in some cases). Regulations prohibit businesses from utilizing the events.

So, what should you know if you are planning to utilize one of our upcoming Tox-Away Days?

1) They are very popular & well-attended.  As such, sometimes the lines for Tox-Away Days can be long. But, don’t let that scare you away! The lines typically move quickly with most visitors getting through in under ten minutes. Also, note that any Hendricks County resident is welcome to use any of the Tox-Away Days, you don’t have to only come to the one in your town.

2) We are there, rain or shine. Indiana weather is fickle. But, regardless of the forecast or what might be falling from the sky, we will be there on Tox-Away Day. There have been instances when severe weather has necessitated us pausing the line so our workers could seek shelter. If that happens, rest assured that we will resume the event when it is safe to do so and will get everyone taken care of.

3) Don’t bring water-based paint. We ask residents not to bring latex paint to Tox-Away Days. Why? Because latex paint is a water-based substance and it is non-hazardous. It can be dried out and disposed of with your normal household trash. Discouraging latex paint from Tox-Away Days helps the District minimize costs and speeds the Tox-Away Day lines up for everybody (see #1 above). Check out our step-by-step paint drying video demonstration.

4) Document shredding is not available. Protecting your private information is important. But, the mission of the Recycling District is about protecting the environment. So, that’s our focus during these events. Document shredding is available every day from Staples and Office Depot in their print departments. Or, watch for information from your town about upcoming shredding events.

5) No heavy trash, please. Items such as mattresses, furniture, scrap metal, flooring and construction debris, etc. should not be brought to Tox-Away Day for disposal. We also are not set up to receive traditional recyclables like bottles, cans, newspapers, and cardboard during the events.

6) Stay in your vehicle & let us do the work.  We Hoosiers are helpful & hard working by our nature. But, when it comes to Tox-Away Day, it’s better for everyone if you stay in your vehicle and let us do the unloading. The fact is, it helps keep the lines moving faster. Once one person gets out to help unload, then others begin to do the same thing–all that shifting, unbuckling, door opening, walking, chatting, walking, door closing, re-buckling, and shifting takes time…

7) Be on time.  Tox-Away Days operate from 8 am until 1 pm. The workers that help direct, unload, pack, and transport the materials collected generally begin Tox-Away Day well before 7 am to ensure a successful day. And, they work very hard during the event (snow, rain, wind, and/or heat–see #2). So, when it is 1 pm (on the dot…) the line is closed to any new vehicles. If you are in line prior to 1 pm, you will be taken care of. If you are not in line in time, please understand.

If you have questions about what’s accepted or anything else related to an upcoming Tox-Away Day, please refer to our website, call us at 317-858-6070, or send us an email.

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