Tox-Away Day FAQ

Here’s a short FAQ that answers some common questions about Tox-Away Day

Q1: Should I bring latex paint to Tox-Away Day?
A1: No, it should be dried out and placed with your normal trash. Mix in a drying agent like cat litter or sawdust to speed up the process. When you set it at the curb, leave the lids off so your trash hauler can see that it’s solidified. Here’s a demo to help:

Q2: Do you accept TVs for recycling?
A2: Yes. We charge $20 or $25 each depending on size. Current markets are driving prices for the proper recycling of TVs higher…

Q3: Will document shredding be available?
A3: No, we do not offer shredding services at the Tox-Away Day Events. Staples and Office Depot offer year-round shredding in their print departments.

Q4: Are appliances accepted for recycling at Tox-Away Days?
A4: Yes. Appliances that contain refrigerant are accepted for $10 each; those that don’t are $5 each.

Q5: Will heavy trash (furniture, scrap metal, mattresses, construction debris, carpet, etc.) be accepted?
A5: No, we will not be set up to accept heavy trash items at Tox-Away Day. Scrap metal can be recycled at Ray’s Scrap Facility in Clayton (phone: 317-539-2024). Other items would likely need to go to the landfill (Twin Bridges RDF in Danville; phone: 317-745-2878) or to a transfer station (Ray’s in Clayton; phone 317-539-2024).

If you have other questions, read our article titled, “Tox-Away Day:  What You Should Know.” Or, contact us! We’re happy to help!