Tox-Away Days

Tox-Away Days are collection events where Hendricks County households can properly dispose of chemicals, fluids, bulbs, batteries, tanks, medicines, medical sharps, tires, electronics, appliances, and more. A more complete list of the items and materials accepted is below.

The following should not be brought to Tox-Away Days:

  • Water-based paints (dry it up and throw it out, here’s how)
  • Documents to shred (we do not offer shredding services at Tox-Away Days)
  • Heavy trash items (furniture, mattresses, construction material, etc.)
  • Traditional recyclables (bottles, cans, plastics, paper, cardboard, etc.)
  • Asbestos, lab chemicals, explosives, ammunition, firearms, radioactive material, or infectious material

Restrictions:  Only residents of Hendricks County are allowed to use the District’s Tox-Away Day events. Regulations prohibit hazardous wastes from other organizations (businesses, churches, schools, non-profits, etc.) from being accepted. Please contact us if you have questions about your eligibility to participate in a Tox-Away Day event.

Fees are charged for the recycling of certain items (see below). Payment must be made using cash or check.

Check out our Online Recycling Directory for other recycling and disposal options for many of the items we accept at Tox-Away Day!

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Have questions? Here are some other resources that should help:

Tox-Away Day FAQ
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Upcoming Events


Accepted for free during Tox-Away Day events
Oil-based Paints, Stains, Varnishes, Spray Paints Free
Pesticides, Herbicides, Fertilizers, Insecticides Free
Fluorescent Light Bulbs (tubes and CFL’s) Free
Automotive Fluids, Fuels, Antifreeze, Oil Filters Free
Pool, Spa Chemicals Free
Adhesives Free
Acids Free
Drain Openers Free
Cleaners/Solvents Free
Mercury-containing Items (Thermometers, Thermostats) Free
Fire Extinguishers Free
Propane Tanks Free
Batteries:  (rechargeable, button, and lead-acid are recycled  |  alkaline batteries are safe to dispose of in your normal trash) Free
Unwanted Medicines (leave in the original container, personal info can be removed) Free
Sharps (lancets, syringes, etc.; must be in a rigid puncture-resistant container) Free


(refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, stoves, washers, dryers, microwaves, dishwashers,  air conditioners, etc.)

Small, hand-held appliances should be disposed of in your normal trash.
With Refrigerant $10 each (cash or check)
Without Refrigerant $5 each (cash or check)



Some fees apply. Payment must be made using cash or check.
Computers Free
Monitors Free
Printers, Scanners Free
DVD Players, CD Players Free
Stereo Equipment Free
VCRs Free
Cell Phones Free
GPS Systems Free
Televisions (Small/Regular) $20 each
(cash or check)
Televisions (Large/Console) $25 each
(cash or check)









Passenger Car/Truck:  Maximum of 12 per household per event
First 4 Free
Next 8 $2 each
(cash or check)
Truck/Semi-tractor: Maximum of 6 per household per event
First 4 Free
Next 2 $5 each
(cash or check)
Farm/Tractor: Maximum of 6 per household per event
Whole $75 each
(cash or check)
Quartered $5 each
(cash or check)