In addition to meaningful education to Hendricks County, the District also provides some specific recycling and waste management services to help the community conserve and protect our natural resources.

Tox-Away Days

Warning Labels

Americans generate an estimated 1.6 million tons of household hazardous waste (HHW) every year.

HHW is common household chemicals and substances for which the owner no longer has a use.

Household hazardous waste tends to be containers of partially-used chemicals that accumulate under the kitchen sink, on the shelves in the garage and stacked up in the shed and barn.  These materials pile up because they are no longer needed, but homeowners are unsure of the proper way to dispose of the items. Any empty containers from households are safe to be disposed of in the normal trash.

Compiling a comprehensive list of HHW is nearly impossible. So here we provide some general guidance on how to identify these types of materials.  A good rule of thumb to use when pinpointing HHW around your home is the use of caution words that will be on the containers’ labels–words such as “warning”, “flammable”, “toxic”, “poison” and “caution” all indicate that the chemical should be treated as HHW when it’s time to dispose of it.

Recycling Drop-Off Centers

Crushed-Aluminum-Can-on-WhiteThe District operates 24-hour Recycling Drop-off Centers located in Lizton, Coatesville, Stilesville and, North Salem.

Residents are encouraged to consider subscribing to curbside recycling service through a private recycling provider. Regulations prohibit the District from locating Recycling Drop-off Centers in geographical locations where curbside recycling is available. Currently, Ray’s Trash Service and Republic Services offer convenient curbside recycling service to much of Hendricks County.

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Community Grants Program

Grants - Word on Folder Register of Card Index. Selective Focus. Catalog Concept.Each year the District offers grants to local tax-exempt and not-for-profit organizations that take on projects that further the District’s mission of waste reduction, reuse and recycling.  Places of worship, schools, charities and service organizations are encouraged to apply.

Since 2006, the District has awarded nearly $250,000 in grants to organizations here in Hendricks County.  Past projects that have been approved include purchasing new recycling receptacles, recycled plastic picnic tables, dinnerware, water bottle refill stations, reusable shopping totes and more.

Applications for the Fall 2020 round of the District’s Community Grants Program are now being accepted.  All applications must be received by September 25, 2020; awards will likely be announced by November 1, 2020.

For more information about the Community Grants Program, email Lenn Detwiler.

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ClearStream Recycler Loan Program

Recycle Bin

The District owns a collection of ClearStream Recyclers that are the perfect answer for providing temporary recycling of beverage containers at events like picnics, reunions, sporting events and festivals. These recycling units are available for use for Hendricks County residents, businesses and non-profits. There is no fee to use the recyclers and District staff will gladly assist in the planning process to optimize recycling during the event. For more information or to reserve the ClearStream Recyclers, contact Lenn Detwiler.