Tox-Away Days: What You Should Know

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The District offers multiple Tox-Away Days each spring, summer and fall. The events allow Hendricks County residents to dispose of their HHW free of charge. Fees apply for the recycling of televisions, appliances and tires (in some cases).  Regulations prohibit businesses from utilizing the events. So, what should you know if you are planning to utilize one of our upcoming Tox-Away Days? 1) They are very popular & well-attended.  As such, sometimes the lines for Tox-Away Days can be long.  But, don’t let that scare you away!  The lines typically move quickly with most visitors getting through in under ten minutes. Also, note that any Hendricks County resident is welcome to use any of the Tox-Away Days, you don’t have to only come to the one in your town. 2) We are there, rain or shine. Indiana weather is fickle.  But, regardless of the forecast or what might be falling from the sky, we will be there on Tox-Away Day. There have been instances when severe weather has necessitated us pausing the line so our workers could seek shelter.  If that happens, rest assured that we will resume the event when it is safe to do so and will get everyone taken care of. 3) Don’t bring latex paint.  We ask residents not to bring latex paint to Tox-Away Days.  Why? Because latex paint is a water-based substance and it is non-hazardous.  It can be dried out and disposed of with your normal household trash.  Discouraging latex paint from Tox-Away Days helps the District minimize costs and speeds the Tox-Away Day lines up for everybody (see #1 above). Check out our step-by-step paint drying video demonstration. 4) Document shredding is not available.  Protecting your private information is important.  But, the mission of the Solid Waste Management District is about protecting the environment. So, that’s our focus during these events.  Document shredding is available every day from Staples and Office Depot in their print departments.  Or, watch for information from your town about upcoming shredding events. 5) No heavy trash, please. Items such as mattresses, furniture, scrap metal, flooring and construction debris, etc. should not be brought to Tox-Away Day for disposal. We also are not set up to receive traditional recyclables like bottles, cans, newspaper and cardboard during the events. 6) Stay in your vehicle & let us do the work.  We Hoosiers are helpful & hard working by our nature. But, when it comes to Tox-Away Day, it’s better for everyone if you stay in your vehicle and let us do the unloading. The fact is, it helps keep the lines moving faster. Once one person gets out to help unload, then others begin to do the same thing–all that shifting, unbuckling, door opening, walking, chatting, walking, door closing, re-buckling and shifting takes time… 7) Be on time.  Tox-Away Days operate from 8am until 1pm.  The workers that...

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Community Grant Application Deadline is March 24th

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Do you have a great idea for starting a new or expanding a current recycling program at your school, church or non-profit?  Tax-exempt and non-profit organizations located in Hendricks County are able to apply for grants through the District’s Community Grants program.  Under this program, organizations are eligible to receive up to $5,000 toward their programs.   Each year the District offers grants to local tax-exempt and not-for-profit organizations that take on projects to promote the mission of the District.  Places of worship, schools, charities, service organization and units of local government are encouraged to apply. Since 2006, the District has awarded nearly $200,000 in grants to organizations here in Hendricks County.  Past projects that have been approved include purchasing new recycling receptacles, recycled plastic picnic tables, water bottle refill stations, durable dinnerware, items for worm composting and reusable shopping totes. Applications for the Spring 2017 round of the District’s Community Grants Program are now being accepted.  All applications must be received by March 24th; awards will likely be announced by May 1, 2017. Click on the files below to learn more or contact Lenn Detwiler. 388 kBGrant Application–Spring 2017129 kBCommunity Grant Program Guidelines The District also offers local schools funds through a non-competitive grant program in which schools can receive up to $500 to begin or expand recycling in their facilities. If you are interested in learning more about that program, contact Amy...

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Recycle Heart & Sole

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Valentine’s Day is a day to open up your heart and share your love with others.  Again this year, sharing your love could include sharing your gently used shoes. We know what you’re thinking, “What do old shoes have to do with sharing the love?”  We are so glad you asked!  We are asking you to Recycle Heart & Sole by donating your old, outgrown, or “so last year” shoes to us.  Your previously-destined-for-the trash shoes are greatly desired by those who have none.  The District then donates those shoes to Changing Footprints a local not-for-profit organization that gets shoes on the feet of those in need right here in Indiana.  In the past, we have collected 3,500  pairs of shoes in just one week! We will be collecting shoes at participating Hendricks County schools during the week of February 6th through 10th to send to souls in need of your soles in Central Indiana.  All shoes (except inline skates or ice skates) will be accepted.  The following is a list of drop-off points: Amo Mill Creek West Elementary School Avon Avon High School Avon Intermediate West Avon Middle School North Hickory Elementary School Maple Elementary School Pine Tree Elementary School Sycamore Elementary School Brownsburg Bethesda Christian School Brownsburg East Middle School Bronwsburg High School Cardinal Elementary School Eagle Elementary School Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District Office Clayton Cascade Middle School Mill Creek East Elementary School Danville Danville North Elementary School Danville South Elementary School Lizton Tri-West Middle School Pittsboro Pittsboro Elementary School Pittsboro Primary School Plainfield Central Elementary School If you miss out on this year’s Recycle Heart & Sole collection, you can always donate your shoes to Goodwill in Avon, Brownsburg and Plainfield.  And if you are the athletic type, soccer cleat recycling is available at Avon Sports...

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Tips for Fall Time Cleanup…and…Can You Burn Those Leaves?

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It’s fall in Indiana. Our beautiful leaves are changing and starting to come down.  Many gardens are done growing and it’s time to do a thorough cleanup before the cold weather gets here. Don’t forget you can “recycle” your leaves, twigs, and garden trimmings. One of the easiest ways to deal with leaves is to leave them alone–run over them with the mower to break them into tiny pieces and let them naturally decompose. This will not only save you some back-breaking work, but it will also provide your lawn with some nutrient-rich material. Other ideas for “recycling” leaves are to stockpile them to be used later in a compost pile or use them as mulch. As an added bonus, the Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District operates two Yard Waste Recycling Centers in Plainfield and Brownsburg that will be open until November 29, 2016, and will reopen in April . Although “recycling” leaves is the best option for the environment, we realize that some people still burn leaves. Leaf burning may have been one of your favorite pastimes as a kid, but there are some rules and precautions you should be aware of about burning for very good health, safety and environmental reasons. Leaf burning is not permitted in most town limits within Hendricks County.  Call your local town office or fire department to find out the rules where you live. In populated areas there is more risk for fire spreading. Smoke and poor air quality for neighbors are a concern. If you live outside of a town, but within the county, leaves must be burned in a container. Burning must be done during daylight hours so that the fire can be monitored. A garden hose must be readily available. The fire must be attended at all times. Burning of prairie plantings is permitted. Make sure that the people burning the prairie plantings are properly trained. Pay attention to weather conditions. Alert your local fire department before a burn. Agricultural burning is permitted. Cleaning up fence rows, clearing trees and the like are allowed. Be aware of weather conditions. Have a water source nearby. Campfires and Bonfires are allowed in Hendricks County. Each town has its own requirements. Be aware that burning leaves does release particulate into the air and can cause health problems.  So, before you light a match, consider your health, your neighbors’ health and the health of the environment and mulch, compost, or properly recycle your leaves.  Note: burning trash is never...

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