Burning Questions

Posted by on Sep 5, 2017 in Learning Center

Burning QuestionsThis is a great time of the year to live in Indiana–autumn colors, cool breezes, football games and family trips to the apple orchard! It’s also a perfect time to remind everyone of the open burning rules that protect the health and safety of our neighbors as well as the air quality in our community.

Rule 1:  It is never okay to burn trash. In fact, it is prohibited by State Law.

Rule 2:  Leaf burning is not permitted inside town limits across Hendricks County. Questions? Call your local town office or fire department where you live.

Rule 3:  If you live outside of town, but within the County, leaves must be burned in a container and during daylight hours. A water source must be close by and the fire must be attended at all times.

Rule 4:  Campfires and bonfires are generally allowed. If you live within town limits, check with your town to be sure you are aware of any restrictions.

Rule 5: Burning to clear prairie plantings or for agricultural needs is permitted. The local fire department should be notified ahead of time and a water source should be nearby. Also, pay close attention to the weather conditions and plan the burn carefully.

We visited with Steve Jones, Fire Marshal for the Brownsburg Fire Territory, and asked him about the rules for burning in Hendricks County. Check out what he had to say.

Now, you know what you can do. But, is it what you should do? Leaves, brush and other yard waste can be composted or recycled into mulch. Consider beginning your own backyard compost bin or visiting one of the District’s Yard Waste Recycling Centers.