Tox-Away Days: What You Should Know

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The District offers multiple Tox-Away Days each spring, summer and fall. The events allow Hendricks County residents to dispose of their HHW free of charge. Fees apply for the recycling of televisions, appliances and tires (in some cases).  Regulations prohibit businesses from utilizing the events. So, what should you know if you are planning to utilize one of our upcoming Tox-Away Days? 1) They are very popular & well-attended.  As such, sometimes the lines for Tox-Away Days can be long.  But, don’t let that scare you away!  The lines typically move quickly with most visitors getting through in under ten minutes. Also, note that any Hendricks County resident is welcome to use any of the Tox-Away Days, you don’t have to only come to the one in your town. 2) We are there, rain or shine. Indiana weather is fickle.  But, regardless of the forecast or what might be falling from the sky, we will be there on Tox-Away Day. There have been instances when severe weather has necessitated us pausing the line so our workers could seek shelter.  If that happens, rest assured that we will resume the event when it is safe to do so and will get everyone taken care of. 3) Don’t bring latex paint.  We ask residents not to bring latex paint to Tox-Away Days.  Why? Because latex paint is a water-based substance and it is non-hazardous.  It can be dried out and disposed of with your normal household trash.  Discouraging latex paint from Tox-Away Days helps the District minimize costs and speeds the Tox-Away Day lines up for everybody (see #1 above). Check out our step-by-step paint drying video demonstration. 4) Document shredding is not available.  Protecting your private information is important.  But, the mission of the Solid Waste Management District is about protecting the environment. So, that’s our focus during these events.  Document shredding is available every day from Staples and Office Depot in their print departments.  Or, watch for information from your town about upcoming shredding events. 5) No heavy trash, please. Items such as mattresses, furniture, scrap metal, flooring and construction debris, etc. should not be brought to Tox-Away Day for disposal. We also are not set up to receive traditional recyclables like bottles, cans, newspaper and cardboard during the events. 6) Stay in your vehicle & let us do the work.  We Hoosiers are helpful & hard working by our nature. But, when it comes to Tox-Away Day, it’s better for everyone if you stay in your vehicle and let us do the unloading. The fact is, it helps keep the lines moving faster. Once one person gets out to help unload, then others begin to do the same thing–all that shifting, unbuckling, door opening, walking, chatting, walking, door closing, re-buckling and shifting takes time… 7) Be on time.  Tox-Away Days operate from 8am until 1pm.  The workers that...

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Electronics Recycling

Posted by on Jan 5, 2017 in Learning Center

Did you notice how many electronic devices were given as gifts during the holiday or how many are incessantly advertised on TV? It’s true that most of us are quite attached to our devices–smartphones, tablets, e-readers, laptops and HD TVs are all part of our daily lives and American culture.  This time of year often means bringing in the new and moving out the old.  So, you might be wondering about what to do with your outdated or obsolete electronics.  We can help. Electronics compose an ever increasing proportion of what we throw away.  We have seen a huge increase in a number of electronics we receive at our Tox-Away Days.  In fact, in 2016, we received and recycled nearly 84,000 pounds of e-waste through that program–significantly more than any other previous year.  Fortunately, there are options for safe disposal of electronics in Hendricks County.  Below, we’ll explain an easy way to connect to those recycling options. First, let’s talk about why it is so important to recycle your electronic gadgetry. Electronics make up about 1-2% of the waste stream (what we put in the trash).  At greater issue, is the rate at which this portion of the waste stream is increasing and the toxicity of those items. Electronic waste is the fastest growing portion of the waste stream! What’s more, CRT’s (cathode ray tube), TV’s and computer monitors contain many toxic substances including lead. A typical, older style 15” monitor can contain up to 1.5 pounds of lead. So, proper recycling of these items is important to prevent the release of toxins like lead, mercury, and cadmium into our air, soil and groundwater. How can you find out where to recycle electronics?  Simply visit our Online Recycling Directory.  Once there, select the type of electronic you have and your local options will populate.  We encourage you to always contact the recycling organization directly for details about their program....

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TOX-AWAY DAYS: What Happens to the Stuff?

Posted by on Nov 9, 2016 in Household Hazardous Waste, Learning Center, Recycling

We recently wrapped up another very successful year of Tox-Away Days.  In fact, in 2016 the District was able to help more residents properly dispose and recycle more material than in any previous year!  Well done, Hendricks County!  We’ll cover some of the facts and figures related to this year’s Tox-Away Days in a few weeks. This time around, we are gong to share with you what ultimately happens to the materials we collect during the events. As you might expect, the District works hard to ensure that as much material gets recycled as is feasible during the events. For those items that cannot be recycled, an approved disposal method–landfilling or incineration–is used. Pesticides/Herbicides: incinerated Fluorescent Light Bulbs: recycled for mercury, metal and glass Flammables: used in fuel blending applications when possible Putties & Adhesives:  landfilled Unwanted Medicines: incineration Batteries: recycled for metals Appliances: refrigerants are removed, if necessary, then the units are recycled for their metals and plastics Tires: recycled into playground covering or used as a fuel additive for power generation Computers & Electronics: batteries, inks and toners are removed and recycled. The units are then shredded and separated into various types of metals for recycling. Many of today’s electronics contain precious metals that are highly sought by manufacturers as they produce new gadgets.  We’re already making plans for next year’s Tox-Away Days. We’ll again be offering five events across the county. Remember, if you live in Hendricks County you can use any of the Tox-Away Days–you don’t have to use the one that’s held in your town. If you have materials to recycle or dispose of before next spring, check out our online Recycling Directory.  It will link you to local recycling, reuse and disposal options for many of the items we accept at the Tox-Away Day events. Or, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to...

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Unwanted Medicine Disposal 101

Posted by on Oct 25, 2016 in Learning Center

If you have expired or unwanted medicines to get rid of, here’s what you should know: Medicines that are flushed down a toilet or washed down a drain ultimately end up in our water supply.  The chemicals used to manufacture today’s medicines often cannot be removed by the wastewater treatment process.  So, PLEASE DON’T FLUSH MEDICINES! Stockpiles of old, unwanted medicines can become the target of those looking for drugs to abuse. Every 25 minutes someone dies from prescription drug overdose; learn more at There are now four permanent unwanted medicine drop boxes located around the county: Avon Police Station | 6550 E. US Hwy 36–available during normal business hours (Mon-Friday, 8am-4:30pm) Plainfield Police Station | 1075 W. Main Street–available during normal business hours (Mon-Friday, 8:30am-5pm) IU Health West Hospital | 1111 Ronald Regan Pkwy, Avon–available 24/7, near the elevator in the lobby of the Women’s Center. Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department | 925 E. Main Stree, Danville–available 24/7 in the lobby of the County Jail Unwanted medicines are also accepted at the District’s Tox-Away Days thanks to the generosity of the Hendricks County Substance Abuse Task Force and the Hendricks County Health Department. Regardless of the disposal program you utilize, leave medicines in their original container.  Personal information (your name, address, phone number) may be removed, but the name, original quantity and prescribing pharmacy information should remain on the container. Don’t forget that over-the-counter and pet medicines should be disposed of in this manner as well. Mail-in medication disposal programs are also available through some local retailers. If you have questions about how to properly dispose of your medications, please contact us.  We’ll be glad to...

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Green Halloween

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Halloween unofficially kicks off the season of celebrations.  This is a great time to reduce garbage by using all of those other R’s you know so well (Reuse, Recycle, and Rethink).  So, start the season off right with these Green Halloween tips. Junk A Pumpkin – Think bent silverware, excess crafting supplies, game pieces, puzzle piece, screws, springs, doll hair…  Up until now, these have been those items you have laying around that you didn’t know what to do with.  Now you do!  Check out this blog and video for some simple but creative ideas. Some of those bobbles and bits that are filling your junk drawer are also great scarecrow decorations! Un-decorate and Eat it – Choose a cooking pumpkin to decorate.  Once you are finished with the decorated pumpkin, take off the easy-to-remove reusable decorations and make some pumpkin pie.  Yum! Compost – Make sure to cut up the unused portions of your pumpkin and put them in your compost pile.  Don’t have one?  We can help you learn right here. Tricks for Toting Treats – Go ‘Charlie Brown’ and opt for the good ole pillowcase, reuse your plastic pumpkin, make a t-shirt bag, or use your reusable grocery bags to carry your treats.  Bonus: Reusable bags hold more treats! Make your own costume – Have you seen the prices of costumes?  There are many cool ideas online.  Pinterest tons of great ideas. Bring nature indoors – Nature is a wonderful place to find decorations that bring the colors and smells of fall indoors to enjoy.  Acorns, dried beans and corn, corn husks, gourds, pine cones, leaves, and twigs with brightly-colored berries make beautiful centerpieces. Since Halloween is just the beginning of our holiday celebrations, there are many other opportunities for greening your holidays.  Like us on Facebook for more tips as the season rolls on....

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