Unwanted Medicine Dispsoal

Posted by on May 5, 2017 in Learning Center

If you have expired or unwanted medicines to get rid of, here’s what you should know: Medicines that are flushed down a toilet or washed down a drain ultimately end up in our water supply.  The chemicals used to manufacture today’s medicines often cannot be removed by the wastewater treatment process.  So, PLEASE DON’T FLUSH MEDICINES! Stockpiles of old, unwanted medicines can become the target of those looking for drugs to abuse. Every 25 minutes someone dies from a prescription drug overdose; learn more at Bitterpill.IN.gov. There are now four permanent unwanted medicine drop boxes located around the county: Avon Police Station | 6550 E. US Hwy 36–available during normal business hours (Mon-Friday, 8am-4:30pm) Plainfield Police Station | 1075 W. Main Street–available during normal business hours (Mon-Friday, 8:30am-5pm) IU Health West Hospital | 1111 Ronald Regan Pkwy, Avon–available 24/7, near the elevator in the lobby of the Women’s Center. Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department | 925 E. Main Stree, Danville–available 24/7 in the lobby of the County Jail Unwanted medicines are also accepted at the District’s Tox-Away Days thanks to the generosity of the Hendricks County Substance Abuse Task Force and the Hendricks County Health Department. Regardless of the disposal program you utilize, leave medicines in their original container.  Personal information (your name, address, phone number) may be removed, but the name, original quantity and prescribing pharmacy information should remain on the container. Don’t forget that over-the-counter and pet medicines should be disposed of in this manner as well. Mail-in medication disposal programs are also available through some local retailers. If you have questions about how to properly dispose of your medications, please contact us.  We’ll be glad to...

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Community Grant Awards Announced

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Two local organizations were recently awarded grants from the Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District as part of the District’s Community Grants Program.  The funds will be used to undertake projects that promote sustainability and care for natural resources. The organizations receiving grants include Plainfield High School to transition the school’s photography classes away from the use of a dark room (and the various, hazardous chemicals) to a more up-to-date program focused on using digital technology. The grant funds will be used to purchase ten SLR film cameras that will require students to understand and utilize manual controls as they make choices about how the photographs will appear when developed. But, the move to digital will allow the program to move away from the dangerous and expensive dark room chemicals as those are used up over time. Additionally, the school will no longer have to purchase, store and ultimately dispose of those chemicals. The Town of Danville was also awarded a grant. The award will help the Town support the trees around the Courthouse Square and along Main Street in Downtown Danville. Currently, the areas immediately surrounding each tree are not large enough to support healthy growth; the small spaces do not allow sufficient water or room for the tree to grow. The Town is expanding those areas and replacing the existing tree grates with ones made from recycled plastic. The grates will protect both the trees and pedestrians using the Downtown area and are ADA compliant. The grant program offered by the Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District allows local, non-profit and tax-exempt organization to apply for funds to undertake waste reduction, recycling and environmental education projects.  Lenn Detwiler, Executive Director for the Solid Waste Management District said, “The Solid Waste Management District is pleased to be able to support the good work of these organizations as they strive to conserve natural resources and teach others the benefits of waste reduction, reuse and recycling right here in our community.” Since 2006, the District has awarded over $200,000 in grants to over fifty Hendricks County organizations.  Grant recipients have included schools in every school district in the County, churches, Sycamore Services, Hendricks County Extension Master Gardeners, the Hendricks County Arts Council, the towns of Amo, Avon, Brownsburg, North Salem and Plainfield, B&O Trail Association, Downtown Danville Partnership, the Parks Foundation of Hendricks County and many more. The Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District is now accepting grant applications for the fall 2017 grant round.  The District has earmarked over $10,000 for the next grant round; each applicant is eligible for up to $5,000 in funding.  Interested parties can learn more about the grant program or contact Lenn Detwiler for more information....

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A Better Way to Recycle

Posted by on Mar 10, 2017 in Learning Center, Recycling

If you are reading this, chances are you are already convinced of the merits of recycling. More recycling means more space in the landfill, more resources that can live on in another product and less energy and fewer resources spent pulling raw materials from the earth to manufacture products from virgin materials. But, did you know that the way you recycle matters too? Most households in Hendricks County are fortunate to have curbside recycling available to them. Sure, for many there is a moderate cost involved–generally less than $10 per month–but, the convenience of having your recycling picked up at your home is great.  And, you avoid the cost of fuel and the time it takes you to take your recycling to a drop-off center. The District’s Recycling Drop-off Center program is aimed at providing a recycling option for those homes that are outside the area of the county where curbside recycling is available. But, just like most recycling drop-off programs, there are challenges. We routinely get calls from users of the centers and our service provider about items being illegally dumped at the site (yesterday it was a refrigerator…). These abuses increase the costs of providing the program. Additionally, while most users of the centers carefully follow the directions about what can and cannot be left recycled through the program, it only takes one person putting the wrong material in the bin to ruin the entire load. Because the sites are unmanned and available 24/7, there’s little we can do to prevent this kind of abuse. These kinds of issues are rare when a household opts for curbside recycling. Long story short:  drop-off programs are prone to abuse and contamination. So, that brings us back to curbside recycling at your home or small business. Both Ray’s Trash (317-539-2024) and Republic Services (317-917-7300) provide residential curbside recycling service to most of Hendricks County. They generally provide covered, rolling carts (different sizes available) and will pick up recycling every other week. Consider contacting them and finding out more because frankly, when comparing the benefits of curbside recycling to those of a drop-off program, curbside wins easily. It’s just a better way to...

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Community Grant Application Deadline is March 24th

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Do you have a great idea for starting a new or expanding a current recycling program at your school, church or non-profit?  Tax-exempt and non-profit organizations located in Hendricks County are able to apply for grants through the District’s Community Grants program.  Under this program, organizations are eligible to receive up to $5,000 toward their programs.   Each year the District offers grants to local tax-exempt and not-for-profit organizations that take on projects to promote the mission of the District.  Places of worship, schools, charities, service organization and units of local government are encouraged to apply. Since 2006, the District has awarded nearly $200,000 in grants to organizations here in Hendricks County.  Past projects that have been approved include purchasing new recycling receptacles, recycled plastic picnic tables, water bottle refill stations, durable dinnerware, items for worm composting and reusable shopping totes. Applications for the Spring 2017 round of the District’s Community Grants Program are now being accepted.  All applications must be received by March 24th; awards will likely be announced by May 1, 2017. Click on the files below to learn more or contact Lenn Detwiler. 388 kBGrant Application–Spring 2017129 kBCommunity Grant Program Guidelines The District also offers local schools funds through a non-competitive grant program in which schools can receive up to $500 to begin or expand recycling in their facilities. If you are interested in learning more about that program, contact Amy...

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Recycle Heart & Sole

Posted by on Feb 1, 2017 in Adult Outreach, General, Learning Center, Programs, Recycling, School and Youth Programs

Valentine’s Day is a day to open up your heart and share your love with others.  Again this year, sharing your love could include sharing your gently used shoes. We know what you’re thinking, “What do old shoes have to do with sharing the love?”  We are so glad you asked!  We are asking you to Recycle Heart & Sole by donating your old, outgrown, or “so last year” shoes to us.  Your previously-destined-for-the trash shoes are greatly desired by those who have none.  The District then donates those shoes to Changing Footprints a local not-for-profit organization that gets shoes on the feet of those in need right here in Indiana.  In the past, we have collected 3,500  pairs of shoes in just one week! We will be collecting shoes at participating Hendricks County schools during the week of February 6th through 10th to send to souls in need of your soles in Central Indiana.  All shoes (except inline skates or ice skates) will be accepted.  The following is a list of drop-off points: Amo Mill Creek West Elementary School Avon Avon High School Avon Intermediate West Avon Middle School North Hickory Elementary School Maple Elementary School Pine Tree Elementary School Sycamore Elementary School Brownsburg Bethesda Christian School Brownsburg East Middle School Bronwsburg High School Cardinal Elementary School Eagle Elementary School Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District Office Clayton Cascade Middle School Mill Creek East Elementary School Danville Danville North Elementary School Danville South Elementary School Lizton Tri-West Middle School Pittsboro Pittsboro Elementary School Pittsboro Primary School Plainfield Central Elementary School If you miss out on this year’s Recycle Heart & Sole collection, you can always donate your shoes to Goodwill in Avon, Brownsburg and Plainfield.  And if you are the athletic type, soccer cleat recycling is available at Avon Sports...

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