Burning Questions

Posted by on Sep 5, 2017 in Learning Center

This is a great time of the year to live in Indiana–autumn colors, cool breezes, football games and family trips to the apple orchard! It’s also a perfect time to remind everyone of the open burning rules that protect the health and safety of our neighbors as well as the air quality in our community. Rule 1:  It is never okay to burn trash. In fact, it is prohibited by State Law. Rule 2:  Leaf burning is not permitted inside town limits across Hendricks County. Questions? Call your local town office or fire department where you live. Rule 3:  If you live outside of town, but within the County, leaves must be burned in a container and during daylight hours. A water source must be close by and the fire must be attended at all times. Rule 4:  Campfires and bonfires are generally allowed. If you live within town limits, check with your town to be sure you are aware of any restrictions. Rule 5: Burning to clear prairie plantings or for agricultural needs is permitted. The local fire department should be notified ahead of time and a water source should be nearby. Also, pay close attention to the weather conditions and plan the burn carefully. We visited with Steve Jones, Fire Marshal for the Brownsburg Fire Territory, and asked him about the rules for burning in Hendricks County. Check out what he had to say. Now, you know what you can do. But, is it what you should do? Leaves, brush and other yard waste can be composted or recycled into mulch. Consider beginning your own backyard compost bin or visiting one of the District’s Yard Waste Recycling...

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Careful Car Care

Posted by on Aug 6, 2017 in Learning Center

Love of the automobile is an American tradition. Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are also a very American concept.  Millions of us do standard vehicle maintenance, including oil changes, in our own garages, barns and driveways. It’s a great way to save some cash, connect with your ride and get your hands dirty! But, it is vitally important that automotive fluids such as motor oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze and brake fluid are disposed of properly. Automotive fluids that are dumped down the drain, put in the trash or are poured on the ground can do significant environmental damage. If improperly disposed of, the amount of oil in one standard oil change can contaminate one million gallons of fresh water. Every year, in the U.S., 180 million gallons of used motor oil is dumped on the ground, down sewers and into landfills by DIYers. That is 16 times the amount lost in the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989! The good news? There are many local outlets to properly recycle these types of materials. Most automotive fluids can be re-refined and used again and again—including motor oil, antifreeze and transmission fluid.    When changing your own oil or working with another automotive fluid, carefully collect the unwanted solution in a sturdy container with a cap. Do not combine different chemicals in the same container. Used motor oil can be recycled locally at most auto service providers and auto parts stores—some local examples include Brownsburg Muffler and Service, Auto Zone, Indy Lube, Walmart, Mel’s Service Center and Indy Tire Center (full list). Some of these same places will also accept used oil filters, brake fluid, antifreeze and other fluids for recycling. Some limits may apply, so call ahead for program details and limitations. ...

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A ReStore Reminder

Posted by on Jul 7, 2017 in Adult Outreach, General, Learning Center, Recycling

Whenever you are cleaning and clearing out, consider donating items that otherwise might be thrown away, to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. And, as you embark on those DIY projects, don’t forget to shop the ReStore for the supplies and materials you need.  The Habitat for Humanity ReStore, located at 1099 N. State Road 267, is a great reuse resource. You can save some money, support a great organization and keep waste from the landfill. Items accepted for donation (must be in good/usable condition) include: • Latex Paint (reusable, nearly full containers, less than one-year-old) • Furniture (no rips, stains or smells) • Flooring • Flat Panel TVs • Appliances • Lawn Mowers • Gas Grills • Cabinets • Tools • Sinks • Vanities • Lighting • Building Materials • Toilets • Windows • Doors • Counter Tops • HVAC Components • Books Not only can you donate and shop at the ReStore, but they will also pick up large donations at your location.  Call 317-707-7530 to coordinate a donation pick-up.  Visit their website or find them on Facebook for more information....

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Water Bottle Refill Station Available

Posted by on Jun 12, 2017 in Adult Outreach, Latest, Learning Center

When the weather heats up, staying hydrated becomes as important as ever. For many people, that usually means lots and lots of plastic water bottles which can lead to a lot of plastic waste. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Instead of pitching that empty bottle in the recycling bin or the trash (gasp!), refill it and use it again. Or, better yet, buy a reusable water bottle that you refill time after time. A couple of years ago the District purchased a portable water bottle refill station. If you’ve been by our booth at the Hendricks County 4H Fair, you couldn’t miss it. It has been used and appreciated by many as they made their way around the (hot!) Fairgrounds. By eliminating the need for multiple water bottles, the refill station helps reinforce waste reduction–a big piece of the District’s mission! We have plans to have the refill station at the Fair again this year. Keep your eyes open and reduce, reuse and refill! That same refill station is available to anyone coordinating events around the county, and it’s free to use! The unit simply hooks up to a water source (an outside spigot works great). It contains a restaurant-grade water filter, so users can be assured they are getting safe, fresh water. In addition to the Fair, the refill station has been used at community events, 5Ks, softball tournaments and more. So, if you are planning a get together in the coming weeks, remember that the unit is available for use to help keep event participants hydrated and wasting less! Contact Lenn Detwiler for more...

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Lizton, we have a problem!

Posted by on Jun 6, 2017 in Learning Center, Recycling

It’s not easy to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s something that needs to be said:  the Recycling Drop-off Center in Lizton is being abused and it needs to stop! That location is our busiest site, by far. And, we are happy to sponsor the site as it is a big part of our mission as your Solid Waste District. However, the cost to provide the location is significant (nearly $4,800 each month…). Those that abuse the site by illegally dumping items outside the bins are costing the District even more money as we pay to have those items removed. A few bad apples are threatening to ruin what is otherwise a great resource for the rest of the community. We know that there are times when all of the recycling boxes get filled up there. At lease two of the bins are emptied six times each week. If you see material on the ground don’t assume all the boxes are full, take a moment and check the boxes. If they are all full, please come back. Don’t add to the problem! So, here are some pointers and rules that apply to all of our Recycling Drop-off Centers: Pay attention to the signs on the bins and recycle right. Just because something has the recycling symbol on it, does not necessarily mean it’s recyclable in this program. When in doubt, throw it out! Call us if you have questions, but here are the basic rules to follow: Plastics: shopping bags and containers that held food, beverages, soaps, shampoos, cleaners and lotions are accepted. No polystyrene (Styrofoam) accepted. Steel and Aluminum:  containers that held food and beverages are accepted. No scrap metal/aluminum. Glass:  containers that held food and beverages are accepted; any color. No ceramics, Pyrex, plate glass or mirrors. Paper:  all types of paper are accepted. Cardboard boxes should be broken down and shredded paper must be bagged. Cartons:  gable-top and aseptic cartons like milk or juice boxes, broth boxes and/or wine boxes are accepted. Containers should be empty and rinsed; they do not need to be spotless. Labels and lids can stay on. All materials must be placed loosely inside the recycling bins; don’t leave your recyclables in bags. They are not “swap spots”. Please don’t leave items that you think someone else might want to take home and use. If you leave anything on the ground, it’s considered illegal dumping. The centers are not there to collect trash. Call Ray’s Trash (317-539-2024), Republic Services (317-917-7300) or Twin Bridges Landfill (317-745-2878) to get rid of trash. The Recycling Drop-off Centers are designed to provide a recycling option for those Hendricks County households that live outside the areas of the county where curbside recycling is available from Ray’s Trash and/or Republic Services. If you live in their service area but use one of the Drop-off Centers, please consider subscribing to curbside recycling–it’s a...

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