Tox-Away Days

Warning Labels

Americans generate an estimated 1.6 million tons of household hazardous waste (HHW) every year.

HHW is common household chemicals and substances for which the owner no longer has a use.  It tends to be containers of half-used chemicals that accumulate under the kitchen sink, on the shelves in the garage and stacked up in the shed and barn.  These materials pile up because they are no longer needed, but homeowners are unsure of the proper way to dispose of the items.

Compiling a comprehensive list of HHW is nearly impossible so it may be helpful to provide some general guidance on how to identify these types of materials.  A good rule of thumb to use when pinpointing HHW around your home is the use of caution words that will be on the containers’ labels–words such as “flammable”, “toxic”, “poison” and “caution” all indicate that the chemical should be treated as HHW when it’s time to dispose of it.

Upcoming Tox-Away Days

Tox-Away Days are scheduled at various locations around the community each year to collect household hazardous wastes (HHW) and “problem wastes” from Hendricks County residents.


For more information about item that are accepted, restrictions and fees for tires, electronics and appliances, click here.

Tox-Away Day Guidelines

HHW Guidelines

Tox-Away Days are opportunities for Hendricks County households to properly dispose of household hazardous waste (HHW), tires, electronics and appliances.  All HHW (chemicals, auto fluids, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, pesticides, herbicides, etc.) is accepted from households free of charge.  Fees are charged for the recycling of televisions, appliances and tires (over a certain number).

Only residents of Hendricks County are allowed to utilize the District’s Tox-Away Day events. Regulations prohibit hazardous wastes from other organizations (businesses, churches, schools, non-profits) from being accepted.  Please contact the District office if you have questions about your eligibility to participate in a Tox-Away Day event.

Please remember that latex paint should not be brought to Tox-Away Day for disposal
Since it is water-based, it is safe to dispose of with normal household trash once it’s been solidified.  Latex paint can be solidified by mixing shredded paper, oil dry, clay-based cat litter or sand with the paint and allowing the mixture to harden. Once solidified, lids should be removed from paint cans so trash haulers can see that the paint has hardened.  If you have a lot of paint to solidify, line a sturdy cardboard box with a trash bag and alternate pouring your absorbant material and paint in the box.  Mix it well and let it solidify for a couple of days. Click here to view a paint drying demonstration video.

Household Hazardous Wastes are accepted for free during Tox-Away Day events.

  • Oil-based Paints/Stains/Varnishes
  • Pesticides/Herbicides/Fertilizers/Insecticides
  • Flouorescent Light Bulbs (tubes and CFL’s)
  • Automotive Fluids/Fuels/Antifreeze/Oil Filters
  • Pool/Spa Chemicals
  • Adhesives
  • Acids
  • Drain Openers
  • Cleaners/Solvents
  • Mercury-containing items:  thermometers, thermostats
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Propane Tanks
  • Batteries:  (alkaline, rechargeable, button, automotive)
  • Unwanted Medicines
  • Sharps (lancets, syringes)

Problem Wastes are also accepted during the Tox-Away Day events.  Some fees may apply.

    • Televisions:
      • Small:  $20 each
      • Large/Console:  $25 each
    • Computers:  Free
    • Monitors:  Free
    • Printers/Scanners:  Free
    • DVD/CD Players: Free
    • Stereo Equipment:  Free
    • VCRs:  Free
    • Cell Phones:  Free
    • GPS Systems:  Free
    • With Refrigerant:  $10 each
    • Without Refrigerant:  $5 each
  • TIRES (additional fees may apply if tires are on rims)
    • Passenger Car/Truck:
      • First 6:  Free
      • Next 6:  $2 each
        • Maximum of 12 per household per event
    • Truck/Semi-Tractor:
      • First 2:  Free
      • Next 4:  $6 each
        • Maximum of 6 per household per event
    • Farm/Tractor:
      • First 2:  Free
      • Next 4:  $15  each
        • Maximum of 6 per household per eventBatteris-on-End1
The following materials should not be brought to Tox-Away Day for disposal: Used Motor Oil (local oil recyclers), Latex Paint (see above), Asbestos, Lab Chemicals, Explosives, Ammunition, Firearms, Radioactive Material, Infectious Waste & Medical Wastes.